Automator Script that create an archive

Hi all,

It might not be the nothing new
But I haven’t found any solution and offer my own…

So, I regularly upload *ai files to Adobe Stock — I think it most easier platform — you can upload source file without any additional requirements.

But what about Depositphotos or some others, where you need to save source files, jpg image files and then create an archive…
Of course, all files must be the same names…

And if you want send to Depositphotos 20/50/200 or more files???
After a bit of work in Terminal and Automator, I came up with a simple one-step Automator Finder plug-in to make it!

I want to share link to app file, but cannot now due to forum rules

Just wish to share shell script

Just run shell script with Automator (shell - /bin/bash | pass input - as arguments)

for i in “$@”
zip -r -j “${i%.}.zip" "${i%.}”.*

And that’s all…
Save as app

You can drag and drop up to 1000 files… for example, 500 *ai & 500 *jpg

Enjoy )

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