Avenir or Proxima Nova?

Avenir has been one of my go-to typefaces for a while now; I feel it sometimes prints a little light but the aesthetics appeal to me. The organization I’m designing for has a style standard that encourages the use of Proxima Nova. I can probably get away with Avenir but I’m wondering which is more reasonable for this particular project (a printout for teachers). Proxima has a higher x-height which arguably does increase legibility and save a tiny bit of space, but the latter is negligible.

Why would you want to “get away with Avenir” when the standard “encourages” Proxima Nova.
Doesn’t sound like a choice.

Proxima Nova just entered my radar about a month ago. Doing a big project that’s using it.
I kinda like it.

I’ve always liked Proxima Nova for the same reasons I like Gotham and Montserrat
— the extra-bold caps are so beefy and look so nice as headlines.

However, I don’t think any of those three typefaces work very well for body text. The geometrically round lowercase letters produce an uneven and mechanical color. Besides, they take up more horizontal space than is needed.

Even so, if their style calls for Proxima Nova, you probably ought to stick with it.

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I mean, it’s one of those things where there’s leeway.

Just-B, I agree about the horizontal space. That’s why I’m conflicted.