there are a lot of articles about RWD vs AWD but on the website I’m working on right now we’ve decided to go AWD for key widths and RWD for the rest.
AWD for >360 420< and >1200 1450<

Do you have any examples AWD with RWD?

Speed is the key. The second is the cost of dev.


Yeah, All Wheel Drive is much better than Rear Wheel Drive, especially in rough weather.

…Oh, wait, you’re talking about web design.

This is mostly marketing and semantics. I just took a course in RWD. My takeaway is that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between AWD and RWD. It’s a tug of war over words. The people who are invested in one term more than the other tend to oversimplify and downplay the alternative term, and vice versa. Take any one feature of either, and you’ll probably find it included as a feature of both in one place or another on the web. But if I had to choose, I think adaptive is a more accurate term to use, although not as popular.

In this case it’s best to be more specific about the features included. Terms like liquid layout, scalable layout, or multiple versions of a layout are more to the point. Whatever works best depends on the type and amount of content on the page.

Web design? What’s that?

I meant All Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive…

From our early beta we’ve got the most popular mobie width 360px 2nd is 420px so maybe 360px as a separate (AWD) up to 420px and the rest in RWD. In time more and more resolutions (especially smaller ones). It might make better sense to have 360px graphic instead of downloading full resolution and then scaling it.
The only problem is with the amount of information we have :confused:

Here is the redesigned version of productz

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