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Some logos aren’t always that obvious…until, they are discovered. Just Global, an integrated B2B marketing agency, took this subtle approach to design for the rebranding for their client, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, the largest community of B2B marketers in APAC.


It’s nice, but sadly something similar has been done before (When has it not been?!). The Mill VFX did something quite clever with a similar approach a few years back. It reduces the word ‘mill’ down in the same way and also depicts a mill with its chimney. Actually, it is one of those logos, for me, for which I always think ‘wish I’d done that one.’ whenever I see it.


It’s a clever idea, but I read bob before I saw b2b.

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I saw a rude gesture from a 6-fingered person.

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I saw piano keys.

Seen it many times in other forms. But similar enough to make it not original.

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I see a Rock On emoji (yeah, a 6-fingered one.)

I like this one better.

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