Bachelor degree

Hello Everybody :slight_smile:
i do my bachelor this year and you can help me if you answer just a little question :slight_smile:

Which color has creativity and composition for you ? Selected color for each word

Tank you a lot :slight_smile:

It might help to rephrase your request. I don’t understand what you’re asking. :thinking:


Which color would you give this to words composition and creativity :slight_smile:

Sorry flo, but if you really want responses, I think you’ll have to elaborate still further. You seem to be asking us to correlate things that don’t readily associate, kind of like if I asked, “is the quack of an aging duck salty or sour?”

The answer is “Yes”.

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i know what you mean @HotButton HotButton.
But i just want to know which color comes in your mind when you think about creativitiy and composition.
I know that there is no right or wrong.
I am just asking around to get a summary of it.
do you know what i mean ?

Well at least that’s a more straightforward phrasing.

I don’t expect this is what you had in mind, but my answer is black, if that’s a color.

Hmph. I’d have said “perhaps.”

black is a color :wink:

It’s an odd question, but for me, I suppose it’s orange.

Have you ever taken a Lüscher Color Test? There are lots of variations of it online. Here’s one:

Orange for me! and a mango if there’s one going?

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Black and Blue if your question is that.

White, because for starters, like a blank canvas in which you can “create” or “compose” your ideas into reality.

Same here

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This is such confusing question. I hope it’s not part of your bachelor degree.

i just like green… its my favorite color lol

Orange! Reminds me of the sun and oranjes, it’s like something warm

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