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heya everyone,
I’m a graphic designer and have more than 10 years of experience, But we’ve moved to the UK, and for like 1.5 year I couldn’t find a proper job in here.

My question is; I feel like I’m lost and don’t know how to start again, where should I look? Which websites do you recommend for graphic design? (Trends, resources or a good blog?)

Or do you have any suggestions about my situation?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried freelancing? There a bunch of websites connecting clients and designers.

@iraszl thanks for your answer and ofc, I was using Upwork since then. It’s Ok, but I cannot make a career out of it. Freelancing is a way for graphic designers, but I prefer to be in an agency or in-house.

Without knowing a lot more it would hard to offer advice.

  • Education level, to begin with. A lot of designers never make it past the sorting software if their resume credentials don’t match the job qualifications list. Tailoring your resume to the specific job being offered helps with that.
  • It could be your 10 years of experience has you placed in the “over-qualified” pile - or the unofficial “too old” pile. There are ways to tailor your resume to help with either of those. Check out the advice on writing resumes on the US-based Monsterdotcom or similar job boards. That might help some.
  • It could be your work status. You say you moved to the UK, but did you move back as a citizen, or married to a citizen, or EU or otherwise UK affiliated, or are you a US expat (or other non-EU country) with or without a working visa? Graphic Design is not one of the UK’s preferred work visa professions, so you may be losing out to the scads of local graphic designers applying for the limited number of job openings.
  • Have you sought local career counseling or contract placement companies. Ten years experience should make you pretty much plug-and-play. A lot of contracts do get bought out eventually.
  • Lots of other variables.
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