Barcode Grading

My client needs barcode grade A.

How this possible ? Is it related to any printing techniques ?

Please help.

Google Grade A barcode to see what comes up.

I’d never heard of grades regarding barcodes either, but it seems there are services/machines that will grade them for their ability to be scanned easily and accurately. It seems the measurement takes place once it’s printed rather than this or that bar code being inherently better than another. For example, maybe a larger barcode on white coated stock will be more easily read by a grocery store scanner than a small barcode on a clear plastic bag.

Other than that, I know nothing about it, but I’m skeptical. It sort of seems like common sense regarding size, background, positioning, print quality, etc., might work just about as well as the barcode grading gadgets found on those sites Google found. I could be wrong, though.

I’d guess that your client has semi-educated him or herself on the subject just like I did — barely enough to toss jargon and opinions around without knowing much more.

Hmm. The barcode generating software I use has an option for a “UPC-A” which is different than a UPC-E. I wonder if that’s what they mean. A UPC-A is just the standard 12 digit code.

Yes, there is a lot of limited and partial understanding around barcode formats, and it very often leads to ambiguity in the terms applied. I’ve seen “barcode” and “UPC” used as interchangable terms, so “grade A barcode” = “UPC-A” is a reasonable suspicion.

Try to get some clarity on what they mean with “Grade A.” They could just mean UPC-A but they might also be referring to the Barcode grading that is typically done at the print facility.

And if I remember correctly, it is an A thru F grading system. They take a barcode scanner to it to see how ‘scan-able’ it is, and it is given a grade. I know there are specifications out there, probably on FDA’s labeling regulation PDF, but this is how I always handled them:

• UPC in one color (not CMYK mix)
• Minimum box size: 1.25" wide x .75" tall
• Minimum of 60% contrast ration between the UPC and background (black / white is safest choice)
• the lines of the barcode must be parallel with web direction

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