Bartering Services

I’m interested in trading a simple web design project with another service from someone.

What is the best platform to use for this scenario?

I think I would just give the project over afterwards so that they could make simple changes afterwards if they need to.

The IRS actually gets involved in barter exchanges.
Can you believe this?

A long time ago — maybe a couple of years out of college — I joined a bartering cooperative. Members agreed to do work for other members in exchange for points. Those points could then be exchanged for goods and services from other cooperative members.

It worked out great. I got prescription glasses, contact lenses, dental checkups, yard work, running shoes, tax preparation, automobile maintenance and a whole bunch of other things in exchange for designing logos, brochures and print ads. Since no money was exchanged, no taxes were due, which kept costs way down.

Then the IRS came up with new rules requiring income taxes be paid on bartered goods and services, and this was, of course accompanied by requirements for meticulous record keeping, reporting, lots of forms and a greatly increased chance of being audited. The whole thing became completely unprofitable.

Within months, no one was bartering anything any longer — at least through legal organized channels.

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