Based on Chinese traditional painting

The flower is called Begonia, this is based on Chinese traditional painting, I don’t want any changes, just keep its original style. I used photoshop and wacom tablet, and spent some time. criticism,
comments are welcome. thank you


That’s very beautiful. I would not have guessed it was done in Photoshop. Very impressive!

It’s lovely :slight_smile:

Very nice - it looks like it was painted on silk. The time you put in is obvious and the results are very beautiful.

It’s a very beautiful piece of art. The only criticism I have is the top bird with the head upside down isn’t really typical of Chinese art. In most cases that top bird’s head would be twisted upright and face to the right as counterpoint to the bird below.

Since this is a graphic design forum though, I have to ask…
Is it commercial art?
If it is, the amount of time vs the return on investment in that time is something to consider.

PS, one of those flowers is a begonia tree. The other is a magnolia.

Thank you for your professional comments, it’s useful! It’s not used for the commercial item, I do it just for fun. I think it could be used for printing, cards, stamps, whatever. I did it use my Leisure time, It could be done within 10 days.

Yes, you’re right! It’s a magnolia. I ignored that!

thank you!

thank you for your comment!

Nice work!

Good attempt at an ancient form of art.

Unfortunately there’s too many harsh and forced elements. One of the more glaring are the birds. And of those this foot seems like a chicken foot which is not even grasping the branch…


All-in-all nice attempt.

I would say over all this is very nicely done considering it is a digital painting. I especially like the texturing of the limbs and branches, and as other have said at first glance I would not have guessed this to have been done digitally.

When I was in my youth I was trained in classical oil painting, won a few competitions here and there, but I never became all that good at it. I would be quite happy with myself if I could do as well as you did here with this reproduction.

I do, however, recognize this painting! The original painting is Malus Flower And Magnolia (not sure if this is the original title) by Giuseppe Castiglione. Giuseppe was a Italian Jesuit who was commissioned by the Chinese emperor to employ his art in the royal court and train a few apprentices. He actually served three emperors.

It is not entirely in a Chinese traditional style. It is rather more of an amalgamation of Italian or European painting style with a Chinese flair. The traditional painting to which it refers would have far less minute details and brush created textures, depending more on washes of color and the paper itself for texture.

I do have some small criticisms of your reproduction. I would apply a very heavy Gaussian blur and perhaps random noise to the background. Once I opened it to full size the repetition in the texture is very obvious, and distracting. To make it more traditional looking as well I would mute the colors a whole lot more.

Also my art professor always “yelled” at us, “Don’t be afraid of the dark!” Your painting has good contrast between lights and darks overall, even adding some where Giuseppe’s might be lacking. But then yours seems to be missing shadows where they are more critical in my opinion. As grfkdzgn pointed out the shadow under the foot of the lower bird, and the whole of the branch of the upper. Viewed from more of a distance the shadows on many of the branches are too narrow and are lost. So I think these shadows should be brought around the branchs a bit more.

I think there may also be a bit of inconsistency in the perceived angle of which the light is striking the subjects. Mainly this is seen in the birds, and to a lesser degree on a few of the branches and petals. The birds, obviously are where you departed from the original the most, and thus lost your attention to this detail.

These criticisms aside, I like your version quite a lot, and would not mind at all having a framed print of it on my wall. Best wishes as you seek to perfect your skills, and come back and show us more of your work sometime soon.




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haha :rofl:

Hello sir:
I would like to thank you for your professional and detailed comments on my work! I really appreciate it! I’m also surprised that you find the original work. Yes I use Giuseppe’s masterpiece as the sample, I very like his works, and I thought if I can turn those to digital. This is my first attempt at this way, there must be many mistakes. As your criticisms, I just realize how much details that I ignored! I paid more attention to the overall shape and color, and I ignored the shadows. I’m going to modify those problems later. I can send you printable version if you like! Thank you again!

Thank you for letting me know those details that I lost! I really appreciate it!

Never think that citing your source … in other words … giving credit to the original artist … lessens your own effort & ‘talent’.

Because the reverse is true … light shines from those who share!

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