Basic Graphic design question - charts

Hello all, I am a newbie to this field. I want to create some grpahics for a website. My first task is to take this chart:

And make the coloured boxes clickable.

I am not sure which tools to use.

I have Adobe Cloud, Corel Paint shop, MS Office.

Which tool would be best please?

Would there be anyway to import this PDF image so that it is editable?

Can anyone give me the gist of how to achieve this please?

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If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, you have access to Adobe Acrobat. Download the graphic, then open in Acrobat. There, using the right tools, you can draw invisible boxes around areas, then assign those boxes to be clickable links.

You can also make small text changes in Acrobat. If you want to make more extensive changes, you should be able to open it in Adobe Illustrator (just checked and it is editable) You likely won’t have the fonts the graphic was originally built with, however, but you can substitute your own.

Just something to keep in mind: it is copyrighted by The Geological Society of America, so make sure that what you plan to do with it doesn’t violate their copyright.

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And changing it up doesn’t make the copyright go away either.

Just B what are the “right tools”?

That depends on your version of Acrobat and the way you have it configured. Adobe changes things around quite a bit. I’ll paste below how mine looks.


Click the “Edit PDF” button, like in the above image, and a new top menu will appear, like the screen capture below. One of those menu items says link.


Click the link button and you’ll see several choices.


Click the one that says “Add/Edit Web or Document Link.” A small crosshair symbol will appear. Position that crosshair symbol at the upper-left corner of where you want to draw the link box, then drag it to the bottom right corner and release. A new dialogue box will appear with several choices. Choose the selections you want. For example: “Invisible Rectangle” and “Open a web page” if that’s what you want to do.


Click the “Next” button to enter the destination of where you want the link to go.

Like I said, though, this all depends on your version of Acrobat and how you have your menu items arranged. You might need to search around some to find the equivalent boxes, windows, buttons, etc. in your version. If you’re just using an old version or Acrobat Reader or something similar, you might not have all these options or they might be arranged differently. I’m using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Macintosh version 2019.012.20034.

thanks for taking the time to do this. I am checking this out


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