Basic Logo animation

Hey everyone, I recently had a client ask if I could create an animated intro for her YouTube channel. I’ll be using AE and splicing in her provided video content with her logo and some simple animations. Is there a base line price for this? Ranges online give you $100 - thousands… Hoping to narrow it down beyond applying my hourly design rate(currently that feels like that would be the safest route to know I am valuing my time even if a little under for animation design)

Many thanks!

Are you experienced in using AE to do animations?
If so, why would you underprice your hourly rate to do so?

If you know some AE but figure it will take time to research techniques that you shouldn’t bill your client for, that’s different but still you might want to hit minimum, or close enough you can make it up on the next job, if this is a recurring client.

If you don’t know AE at all, in the client’s best interest, pass, or hook them up with someone you know can do it.

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