BD Spot and Chat GPT

This was amusing and kind of scary at the same time. I like the nature documentary personality. And Josh is very profound.

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When it started turning in circles at 0:47, I thought it was looking for a place to take a dump.

“Back in my prospecting days” LOL … it’s so cool, scary, but cool :wink:

The stuff the robot is saying that was not programmed is impressive, but he’s still saying things like ‘this kind of technology might make it possible for the robots … in some sense understand …’, which is not possible right now.

Show me an AI that plays a bad game of chess and I’ll believe they’re on to something.

Silly, any AI that plays a bad game of chess would do so just to fool YOU. :slight_smile:
I think it’s funny how the programming came up with back stories. The Teenager was almost too perfect.