Been gone for awhile, how's everyone been?

I don’t remember the last time I logged in to this forum. It’s good to see some familiar faces are still around. Shout out to PrintDriver, still rocking the cat face.

I wanted to give a quick update about what I’ve been up to the past couple of years.

First things first, I mainly quit posting here because I was let go from my design job I had at the time when I was most active in this forum. I worked at an engineering firm and was the only designer on staff. Like many here, I was a jack of all trades. From marketing, to web dev, to graphic design, I did it all. I redesigned the company logo, built them a new website and helped them expand their social media reach.

Despite all of the positive growth that came from my department, the CEO decided to bring someone on board to oversee the marketing efforts. This individual did not like me from day one. They didn’t respect my education or my expertise. Regardless of how hard I tried, this new guy would find ways to make it look as if I wasn’t good enough. I was extremely unhappy with all of this and it all came to a head when the new guy fired me.

After that I felt pretty devastated and wasn’t sure if I would even continue with design, as I don’t live in an area that’s thriving with opportunities. Luckily I had some freelance gigs which kept me afloat and after 5 months of being unemployed I found a job at a local non-profit doing graphic design. My current job is nice and more relaxed than my previous role, but I am left wanting more.

When I first began going to college I started off in the game design program. Due to the high cost of the materials required for the program, I switched to graphic design as a more cost effective solution.

But video games have always held a special place in my heart and it was always a dream of mine to help create them.

So over the last few months I decided to come back to a dream that I had put on hold for over a decade. I downloaded a copy of Unreal Engine and started learning. I was playing around in the program for hours each day and I’ve been through countless amounts of tutorials.

I started working on a game around Thanksgiving with the goal of publishing the game within 6 months. I had this idea for a game called The Virus (I know, real original these days :laughing: ) The game is a physics based puzzle game where you play as a white blood cell. Your goal is to collect red blood cells, avoid viruses and navigate through levels.

And I am proud to say that I will be publishing this game soon!

If anyone is interested in checking the game out or supporting the game, you can visit the store page on Steam here:

I know there’s rules surrounding promotions so feel free to remove the link if it breaks those rules. Just figured people would be interested in checking it out since I used to be active in this community.

Anyway, I hope everyone else has been staying safe in this crazy world we find ourselves in.

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Hey Calebninja! Good to see you again!

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Sounds like you’re making the best of your situation. Way to go!

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Welcome Back! I’m glad to see things are going better :heart:

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