"before-after" photos of signage makeover

Does anyone has former projects he’s done that was dealing with clearing old and messed-up signage with new signs systems?

Commercial center, Underground garages, parking lots, public buildings, public spaces etc…

Y’all did a web image search right?
Or do you need a first person account.
Because a simple Signage Before and After search will turn up dozens of examples.

You keep referring to “sign systems.”
That term is used in two ways.

  1. An overall, interelated and often branded wayfinding design that is incorporated throughout a project (whether it is a small office space or an entire high-rise building, museum exhibit to parking garage.)
  2. A prefabricate set of parts that you put together to create a sign, usually a pylon or directory sort of thing.

Which do you mean?

Hey, thanks again.
Ofcourse i searched over the web. for weeks.
I’m not looking for an individual sign that has been redesigned.
I’m looking for a place messed-up with signs turn into nicely design with readable and coherent messages.

When i note “Sign systems” i mean to the opt 1"
i usually tend to call opt 2 “Modular signs”. is it the term in the usa too?

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