Begun, the Codewars have

Not sure whether you guys and gals are into any coding, but recently have been getting into Codewars:

I think it’s a fun way to keep your skills sharp, have you heard of it before?

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I’ve heard of it but haven’t participated. I’m just starting to learn JavaScript now so I don’t think I’m ready yet. :relaxed:

Have you tried Kata? Did you find it helpful?

Also gotta love the reviews at the bottom:
“I forgot to eat dinner, because I was on @codewars. This is addictive”

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That’s great you’re learning JS, that’s what I started learning first - where are you learning?

Yeah have done plenty of Kata, really enjoy doing them. They are like little puzzles, but at the end of it you feel like you’ve got a better understanding of the language, have spent many-a-night on Codewars!

My husband has been a front end dev for years so at least for now he’s my professor haha. If you have any other recommendations I’d be happy to hear it but I’m not looking to go back to school for another degree.

Awesome! Ok I’ll see if any are my level!

:laughing: That’s convenient! I don’t think I could ever go back to school either!

I learned largely through doing the FreeCodeCamp tutorials on YouTube and following along in my browser - if you open a new tab and press Ctrl + Shift + Z it’ll open a console:

After that got into Codewars then started making my own stuff!

You’ll have to let me know what you think of Codewars!

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lol yup.

Thanks for the info! My husband is curious to try it out too so we’ll see how it goes!

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Nice - started learning Python last week, have been going hard on Codewars last night and tonight, have learnt so much!

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