Behance Pro

Does anyone think the new Behance Pro fee of $95.88 (if paid yearly in advance) to $179.88 per year (if paid monthly) would be worth it? Is anyone here considering signing up?

I’ve not paid much attention to Behance. I haven’t bothered to update my work there in years, so It’s probably doing me more harm than good. When I was keeping things current, I had a total of one referral that I’m aware of.

I’ve always felt that with so much work posted there, it’s all but impossible to stand out from the crowd. And I suspect that 95-plus percent of Behance visitors are from other designers instead of potential clients. I could be wrong and missing out.

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If it hasn’t been producing results so far, why flush $100 into it?
Will paying put your ‘ranking’ higher? And based on what criteria?
If you think the ROI might be worth it, go for it.

That’s kinda my take.

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I don’t use Behance to try and land new work, but I have used it to hire illustrators when I have a need for a specific style; so I hope the addition of a Pro account won’t mess up the platform. I suspect it won’t. It’s probably akin to the paid version of LinkedIn vs. free LinkedIn.

I made it sound like I’m considering it. I’m not. I just wanted to know what others thought in case I was missing something.

I’m not sure how many tens of thousands of portfolios are on Behance, but I assume at least some people see some value in it.

Much the same is true of LinkedIn — some find value, while others, don’t. I tend to ignore LinkedIn, which might be why I’ve never received a single potential client inquiry from it. Perhaps if I were more active there and on Behance, my experience might change.

Then again, I keep threatening to retire and be done with it all, which is probably my best option.

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