Best advice you'd give to a rookie?

What should a starter do after they’ve learnt the basics.
General advice is that you should do projects. But I haven’t come across a comprehensive description for projects… Projects related to logo design would be great. Thanks

That all depends what stage you are at. If you are just out of school and haven’t got a degree. That would be my best advice. Get a degree, the four-five years of studio experience. Learn what logo design actually is beyond the current idea that it is a discipline in and of itself. It isn’t – or rather it isn’t for professional designers. It is all part of the wider field of brand design.

Don’t get involved in competition sites. Get an honest assessment of your abilities (the university entrance process will do this for you).

I could go on, but that is my advice.

Hope it helps.

If you are in the US, an entry level graphic design position is 4 years of school and 2 years of real world experience. If you’ve learned “the basics” in college, you should have been doing internships the last two years of your degree, or working a part time job getting some experience in some capacity.

Logo design is NOT a profession. I wish people would stop thinking that. Same goes for “movie posters.” As Sprout said, it’s only a tiny part of brand design and should never be done in the vacuum of crowdsource.

Our usual advice for the road to freelance is to find a job and learn the industry. After 5-10 years of earning your chops, maybe then consider a freelance career. I’m a firm believer that graphic designers should have to buy malpractice insurance. Other people’s livelihood rests on a designer’s experience. I also believe that a freelancer should, at the very least, become an LLC and separate personal from business assets.