Best Bootstrap Design Tool?

I tried mobirise, but their link button doesn’t work sometimes.

I am trying to find something easy where I just add the blocks, and can then add my own links.

Hoping for free, or where I Can buy themes. Not a recurring where I have to pay every month. I just need to make a few good pages because my #1 thing is to get the opt-in.

I hope I can get some recommendations. Did a lot of searching but not having a lot of luck.


Are you planning to use a CMS—Wordpress, Drupal, etc.?

If you’re looking for a drag-and-drop web builder, like Mobirise, why are you confining your search to ones that use a Bootstrap framework? Bootstrap is typically used by those who take a more hands-on approach to actually coding and customizing their sites without having to reinvent all the hidden nuts and bolts.

In the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG world of site construction, there are plenty of options that don’t use Bootstrap, so unless you plan on working directly with the framework itself, is there a reason why it matters to you what’s going on behind the scenes?