Best Clio Cannabis Winning Design Work

The 2019 winners of the Clio Cannabis award have been announced Today. Here is some of the best design work presented.

Dogwalkers Brand

Dreamland Chocolates

48North Cannabis Corp

Pantry Food Co.

Sweet Grass Cannabutter

dosist Edibles

Tokyo Smoke




It still surprises me how mainstream this stuff has gone. It’s still illegal here in Utah, but even here attitudes have changed. Half the fun as I remember it, was buying and doing something largely harmless with friends that was also risky and rebellious. Making it legal with slick and sophisticated branding removes some of the gritty, rebellious fascination.

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I’m curious about “Houseplant” and their tie-in with Sony and TDK…

Even though the stuff is legal in several states, it is still Federally illegal. Apparently all kinds of gymnastics involved in “laundering” the money for banks and tax purposes. I’ve actually considered growing the stuff as an early retirement plan, if it weren’t for all the legal hoops.

I grew up on a farm/ranch, and doing that very thing helped me pay for college (while making many friends :wink: ). This was long ago when I was young, naive and saw flirting with possible jail time as being an acceptable risk. Times change.

I work for a packaging production company and we are working with several CBD/Cannabis related companies. They’re all being stalled way longer than expected because of all the ‘gymnastics’ with the banking industry. Which sucks because they’ve stalled production which halts my commission, ha! But alas, they will all come through eventually. Took one company nearly 10 months to find the right loophole and thats pretty normal. The issue is no one is trading their secrets so every CBD/Cannabis company is having to figure out the loophole themselves, dragging everyone’s feet along with them.

After scrolling through the whole line of images, I am now high and fat.

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