Best Domain for SEO?


As you know there are many domain we work on but for SEO which one is best ? Don’t only mention a domain also i need reasons?

Sorry but this doesn’t make sense. Do you mean like Wix vs. Squarespace?

Are you referring to top-level domains, like .com or .biz?

Perhaps when an organization fits logically into a niche top-level domain, it might help — maybe. For example, a US government website with a .gov domain, as opposed to a .com domain, might register a bit higher on lists of government websites.

As for the usual top-level domains, I doubt it makes any difference to search engines. At least, I can’t think of a reason why it would.

Perhaps having a country-specific domain, such as .uk or .nz, would help with SEO in those countries since it would signal that the organization was focused specifically on those countries. However, using that same reasoning, those domain names might work against SEO internationally.

Honestly, that’s all speculation, though. I really don’t know.

Hi Just-B,

Yeah i meant to say same you got. Well it sounds like if we have to target local market so will have a specific domain and if we gotta focus international so we should go with .com right?

I don’t normally quote myself, but I think I answered that question in my first post

.biz, .tech, design, .net, or any of dozens more that are available, I don’t think it really matters much as long as the domain matches up with the subject matter. Most people, out of familiarity, seem to prefer a .com address since it might make them seem more established. But I doubt it makes much difference to the search engines other than the possible exceptions I mentioned.

.com is probably the safest, though, but it’s hard to find the right domain name that isn’t already taken if you restrict yourself to .com.

Okay that make sense. Thanks so much for that.

This blog/article explains that worrying about seo in your domain provides little, if any, benefit except as B said for the top-level domain (.uk vs. .us). It used to be important but now SEO algorithms look deeper into every site’s page for keywords, backlinks, good content, etc.

Of course it depends on the business but generally I would stick with .com and if my business were to grow I might consider buying other domains later like .uk to forward people to my .com.

This does make me wonder if it’s easier and equally effective to just set up subdomains (uk. businessname .com). It’s certainly cheaper! :+1::grinning:
(Sorry I added the spaces there cause it kept trying to save as a real url. I’m not trying to send people spam :expressionless:)


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