Best Laptop / Tablet for illustrator?

Hi Everyone!

Brand new to the forum but seems like a great community so far from the time I’ve spent on here…

Just going to cut to the chase, I’ve always been into graphic design (Especially logo design & illustration), completing courses at college when I was younger then as time went by I stopped due to work etc…

I’m a professional eLearning developer so that settled my creative itch from time to time but I’m looking to start taking the design side a bit more serious.

So basically, I’m looking for a laptop/tablet to run illustrator on which utilises a touch screen with stylus pen and can run illustrator internally. I don’t want a drawing pad as I want an all in one bit of kit that I can use on the move. I’ve been having a look and ones that keep popping up that “seem” to tick the boxes are-

  • Microsoft Surface Book
  • Microsoft Surface Go
  • Microsoft Surface Pro

I’m certainly not a Microsoft fan boy by any means, these are simply the ones that I’ve seen that seem to do what I need. I am just starting off so I don’t really need the best of the best at this early stage.

Please if you have any experience with these products could you let me know your thoughts on them while using them for programs like illustrator etc…

Or more importantly - If you think there may be a better laptop/tablet that ive disregarded or simply not seen please do let me know.

Any guidance or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Niallmack and welcome to the forum.

I needed to delete your identical previous post from a day or two ago. Forum rules don’t allow duplicate posts.

Forum traffic has been unusually light the past couple of days. I suspect it might have something to do with the holiday in the U.S. Even so, you might not get lots of answers to your question here. With luck, someone will chime in, but most professionals don’t use Illustrator the way you’re proposing to do it on a touch screen, so there might be a shortage of opinions.

I have no experience with MS Surface computers, but there’s likely no difference in their performance from other computers with similar specs. It basically boils down to what display size you want, how much storage you’ll need and how much memory you want. Processor speed is important too, but honestly, most of today’s processors are pretty fast. As for memory, I’d be inclined to set 16GB as a minimum. 8GB is barely usable unless you’d only be running one or two applications at a time. As for any quirky particulars regarding the Surface machines, well, like I said, I haven’t used one.

Personally, when using Illustrator, I need a large display, as in a desktop display. Anything smaller than that, just doesn’t give me enough screen real estate to work. Everyone’s preferences and expecations are different, though.

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Thanks B!

OK, thats given me a little to think about and help me make a decision!

I know most pro designers wouldn’t normally use what I am propsing but as I’m just starting out to help hone my skills it’s the best set up for me at the moment.

I’ll keep looking and see what options best fit my needs!

Again thanks for your response, really appreciate it!

I use MSI 63 GF 10 SCXR
Its optimized for speed up My creative process very well, making any tasks quicker and easier.

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Best Laptop for illustrator.
Apple MacBook Pro 16

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