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Hi there,

I am planning to create a small studio space with a desk and large monitor for my MacBook Pro.
I always used Apple Cinema Displays or iMacs at work and now I was wondering what monitor I should buy for home.

I am looking at used Cinema Displays and Thunderbolt Displays but as they are outdated and pricey.

What do you use / suggest?

I’ve been doing similar research, and can’t find anything that’s a perfect fit for a Mac. I am, however, seriously considering the larger LG monitors as what I’ll likely end up with — I’m just not sure which one yet.

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that’s good choice! if LG 5K monitor, then future if you upgrade your system to iMac, I will be very adaptable to Apple’s hardware!

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This may sound dumb but don’t just think of price and quality, try to buy as near to new as you can.

For example, the 2019 MacBook Pro architecture is brand new from the 2018.

This architecture won’t change until the G5 revolution. Ports are the fastest/best available now, but over the next 5 years they will make way for the newest best thing. If you buy a monitor that requires adaptation of any kind (software or hardware), in a couple years you may need a second adaptation or even not be able to use it at all. Also, each hard connection is one more chance for a corruption to occur, so generally avoiding any connectivity issues is a good rule.

For example if you upgrade your cpu or new software requires higher data transfer rates. Equally bad (or maybe even worse), loss of data may be minimal and unnoticeable in use but cause data loss at press because any number of the profiles is going through too many iterations and breaking down the quality.

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