Best Mouse for Graphic Design

Hey guys, I am a graphic designer and a Student. I want to know which one is the best mouse for cad. kindly do have a look at spam1 and tell me which one I should go to.

Can’t have spam so early in the morning. At least not without two eggs fried hard and buttered toast with honey.


This one honestly gave me a giggle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Its like asking which pillowcase should I use for a good night’s sleep.

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I got the cheapest mouse I could find because I needed a scroll wheel. Still using it 8 years later.

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Depending on what you’re doing, I change between mouse, trackball and wacom.

On a side note, I miss mice with proper middle mouse buttons for 3D because I’m old.

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I have a 4-button trackball with a scroll ring and no carpal tunnel. As far as CAD goes, we have draftsmen here who swear by Medium Wacoms and others who prefer the two button mouse.

But I also like my coffee with cream and sugar while others like theirs straight up, no additives. To each their own.

And anyone these days that has gotten to college level using a computer, has some experience with a favorite input device and should know better than to ask this question. Unless it’s spamming for that site. :slight_smile:


That should be part of forum rules.

Yeah, all the best spammers forget which kind of forum they’re spamming in between typing the title and typing the post.

Evelyn won’t be posting anymore :wink: But, leaving this as the replies are good :smiley:


This was the best mouse in design. Ah, Mr. Padfeet. He could out-kern anyone and had a nose for detail (as well as those adorable whiskers.) He was quite the dapper little mouse, and an absolute pleasure to work with, until a fundamental disagreement with the office cat (as to whether or not he was food) was ultimately decided by the cat.

Sigh. You’ll be missed little mouse. You’ll be missed.


biggrin That’s fantastic Craig!

Ha. Thanks RKK.

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I’m curious, Kat — Did you add the “Spam” image? If so, that’s brilliant!


I may have grin