Best place to advertise services

Any tips on where a freelancer can advertise other than Facebook, craigslist etc. I’m checking linkedIn…?

Your local areas. Email local businesses or send them a portfolio of services in the post. Usually a 1 page PDF or short email with a list of services. Follow up with a phone call. I know visiting is not practical.

Find out what media your target market is consuming and advertise there. As stated, your question is way too vague.

The question indicates it is way too early for this person to be advertising services.

I do postcards, snail mail, to my mailing list that targets the niche industry I serve. I also occasionally do a trade show booth at their industry events, showcasing design products specific to them.

If you have a website, I would suggest using a kick-butt SEO service. One of my family members happens to be a Sales Rep for a national company called “RevLocal” who (for a relatively affordable amount of money) can make sure your website gets high visibility in your local marketplace (that is, assuming that you have posted a portfolio on your website that is of a high enough quality to attract potential customers.)

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