Best Premium Laptop For Graphic Design?

Happy New Year everyone!

My Surface Book is reaching the end of its life and I’m looking to upgrade. I’ve heard too many issues of poor quality control and performance with the Surface Book 3, so I’m interested to see what other designers recommend.

I need to run the Adobe suite (PS, Ai, Id, Xd, Dn, Pr) for graphic design, video editing, and 3D modeling. I need minimum 32 GB RAM and 526 GB storage, at or under $3,000 USD. My main contenders at the moment are the 16" MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 17, and Gigabyte Aero. I’ve heard great things about the power of all three, but my concerns are the durability and quality control. I’d like this computer to last me at least 5 years without having to replace components. A touch screen is ideal, but I can always fall back on my iPad for illustration.

Thanks everyone!

This is something I have been considering for a while - but really for giggles - not sure how practical it would be.

It’s a 15 inch dual screen - so you can save space etc - and it’s touchscreen.

It has the same processor as the latest Mac Book Pro 16 inch (not the new M1 chip) - the i9-9980HK.

32gb RAM

The RTX 2060 is more than enough for Photoshop - and even video editing.

There’s also 1TB of storage - which is gigantic.

^^^^So far - it ticks all your boxes ^^^^

This is similar to the above in every way - except it has a more powerful graphics card

It has the 10875H - an i7 Processor - but it’s actually on par with the i9 processor above

In the world of processors it’s ranked similarly

^^^^^ it’s 17inch dual-screen - it is NOT touch screen in the description - but I am not sure - it’s really capable anyway ^^^^^
I’d recommend this if you have serious graphic/video editing.

Really - at your price range - you’re looking at fantastic setups and any of these are good but not touchscreen

It just comes down to what style looking you want this.

Really - do you want 15 inch screen or 17 inch screen.
And if you don’t mind it having glowing keyboard etc. or a more business like look.

For graphics designing I would always go for mac book. Try to go for the latest one as they have the most amazing config. It is far more easy to use an apple for deigning rather than windows just because of the interference. For audio editing or graphic designing or video editing Apple is the number one choice and should be the top priority for all people.

That’s an awfully sweeping statement that is really just your opinion. There are plenty of designers who use Windows and who get by just fine.

Maybe 20 years ago when most Desktops were only suitable for Microsoft Office tasks, and laptops were expensive bricks.

Plenty of Windows computers out there that are about €1500 - and would wipe the floor with a €2300 Mac.

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