Best printers for posters in Bay Area or online

Hi there, I’m new to print design and have a client who would like a poster done. We are thinking it’s one large poster, or a series of smaller ones.

It’s a start up with limited print budget, so I guess I’m looking for some low cost options.

Does anyone have any leads on something like this? Also kind of interested in a series of large cards, I see places like offer options like this.

Thank you!

For a single poster or even a few smaller posters, try a sign shop rather than a conventional printer. A sign shop is used to doing one-offs and is set up for it.

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What about for this type of idea? Like a set of cards: is there an online shop that could work?

I don’t do online shops.

Except for postcards. I use Modern Postcards for that. They’re in Carlsbad. CA if that is important to you.

Everything else is either a local shop or a specialty wide format vendor.

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