Best printing site for quality and price?

I’m looking for the best site to print out my candle labels.
There are a lot of different scents so I need to print less than 40 for each.
Everything I’m seeing I can’t customize a size and less then 100

Have you tried a sign shop with either a solvent printer or Gerber Edge printer?
They’ll do the 40 quantity

If it were me, I’d be working with a local printer if I needed a customized solution that didn’t fit what I could find online. Unfortunately, this might be more expensive and time-consuming.

What you could do is gang print all the labels, as in printing all the different labels at the same time on the same substrate (big sheet of paper or whatever), then cutting them apart.

I’m looking for the best printer to print out my own clear stickers.
Both quality and low price. Any tips?

First you need to define what kind of clear stickers you want, and where you are gonna stick them and how long you want them to stay stuck.

That will determine the media and inkset you need to use, which in turn determines the type of print machine you’d need to buy.

Based on your other post, you could do it with a Gerber Edge. That’s a heck of an ROI to overcome.
Find a signshop with one.
Can also be done on a solvent printer if you are NOT using white ink. There are other options for white ink, but you get into how clear the media needs to be. Most of the printable clear media are “water clear” not “glass clear”

LilyR, I’ve merged your topics into one. Please don’t create multiple topics about the same thing. Doing so causes problems. does die cut transparent labels, minimum 50.

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