Best ways to convert png to pdf

The program that I have been using to design my logos exports them in png format. I am hoping to convert to pdf, to maintain integrity of the logo at a large scale. Any suggestions on the best ways to do this are greatly appreciated!

You can open the PNG in Photoshop and save it as a Photoshop PDF that will open in Acrobat when double clicked. But when you say you want to “maintain integrity of the logo at a large scale,” I believe you’re looking to have the logo in vector art. If that’s the case, the best way is to create the logo in a vector art program, such as AI, and then save it from AI as a PDF.

Great! Thank you!

Just to clarify. What @Steve_O is saying is that even if you convert it to a Photoshop PDF, it is still raster-based, and you will not be able to enlarge the logo without it pixelating no matter what you do. In order to “maintain integrity of the logo at large scale” it needs to be created in a vector based tool such as Adobe Illustrator, which would require redrawing it/recreating it.

^ This.
You are using wrong tool to create your logos

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