Best WordPress compatible Video Gallery plugin

I’m using the Pillar WordPress theme and want to make sure that I use a compatible Video Gallery plugin that won’t disrupt the theme’s coding. I’m trying the Envira Pro gallery plugin which is highly recommended, but I want to make sure that it’s the best or if there is a better “tested” and “proven” video gallery plugin.

No specific recommendations, but look at rating, number of installs, and how long since the last update.

Thanks! I’ve done that, but I sense there is a disconnect with some of the WordPress themes. The Pillar theme is what our company is using and it’s been their theme for at least 5 years - or more. I tried contacting the developers of Pillar theme, but they haven’t responded. I’ve tried using the Envira Gallery in that theme and it caused some coding issues - I think. I’m going to try again thinking it might have been me that didn’t set the gallery up right - a learning process. But, I’ve seen some that are so easy to use and they give you preset styles so you don’t have to go through a process to set up the gallery, you just use the pre-set templates they built to avoid errors on your part.

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