''Beware of the Ides of March'' 😱 Friday 3/15/19

The Ides of March is the first day of the Roman New Year.It also marks the first day of spring in the Roman calendar. It marked the beginning of several religious observances and when all debts should be paid. However, it’s most famous for the murder of a certain Roman :wink:

On this day, Julius Caesar was warned by soothsayers to “beware of the Ides of March”. He did not heed the warning. He was stabbed to death on the Ides of March in 44 BC.

The Ides of March is looked upon as a time of bad luck now. Several occurrences over the years have solidified this belief with some folks.

In happier news, It’s almost :four_leaf_clover: St. Patrick’s Day! :four_leaf_clover:


I’ll be cooking up the usual feast in honor of my Irish roots.




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Ah, this begs the question:
Red or gray?
(I prefer gray, corned special by a small butcher shop on the North Shore.)

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I’ve never had they gray version. I’ve never seen it available here either. I hear it’s much better than the standard red. Maybe one day I’ll be able to partake :wink:

So this guy I know was at work yesterday and opened a display refrigerator. Low and behold there are like 20 heads of cabbage and 10 corned beef roasts. One of the associates is making cb&c for the company on sunday and well what better place than in the appliance dept to store it for a few hours. I did have to convince the customers that this particular unit did not include the produce.

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That’s funny :smiley:

Enjoy!! :smiley:

What a year this has turned out to be so far. I was rear-ended a weeks ago at a stoplight and after weeks of dealing with the insurance companies and law enforcement I got a new car and everything was taken care of.

Last week I started divorce proceedings on my second marriage. My first one lasted 8 years, this one lasted 4 years, I assume my next one will last 2.

I know this seems like the type of event that warrants sympathy, but I feel a huge sense of relief. This is the first weekend where I will be able to 100% relax in a really, really long time. I have no obligations, no commitments or expectations.


“Divorce is always good news.”
— Louis CK

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Having been married once and divorced once … the latter was the much more prudent decision. :wink:

I wish you well Obs :heart:

I’m outta here! Have a good one, folks.

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But now you’ll need to start dating again. Aggghh! One thing at a time, I guess.

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