BFA vs Design studies degree?

For those of you, who are art directors does it even matter if you have a BFA? in graphic design or can you get away with a design studies degree or bachelor of the arts degree?

A design studies degree goes by different names, but it’s typically a bit less focused than a degree in graphic design. A BFA or a BA doesn’t matter since the difference basically amounts to how the school decides to classify its programs. BFAs are most often awarded by schools where the design program is part of the school’s fine arts program. BAs usually come from schools where their design program resides someplace other than a fine arts college.

It really doesn’t matter much. What does matter is that the bachelor’s degree be enough to get beyond the human resources people who screen the initial applicants for the job whose announcement said that a relevant degree was required.

Get beyond that hurdle and it’s all about portfolio and personality.

Ok, reason why I ask is because a university that I’m transferring to next spring has both options of a BFA or Bachelor’s of the arts degree. I wanted to make sure that by then I should have a solid knowledge of graphic design, while still meeting the job requirements.

If I were you, I’d check into the curriculum of each, what the requirements are and what classes are offered. Then pick the one that best matches up with what you’d like to do. The BA, for example, might have a foreign language requirement or something else that the BFA doesn’t require. Likewise, the BFA might require taking a number of foundational art classes that you might not really need for design. Every school is different, so all you can do is check and decide.

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