Big oops

The person I supervise designed an email invitation to the employee holiday luncheon. Something went wrong with the email list she sent it to and 2000 people have mistakenly been invited.

Whoops. Yikes. That’s a big mistake.

sounds like an apology needs to be sent to 2000 people :joy:

reminds me of the time I set an ‘out of office’ auto-response when I was on vacation but I set it up wrong and it auto-responded to every person that has ever emailed me prior to that date…

Lol, I don’t know how they’re going to address it. The situation has moved on to communications so they can figure out what to do. The luncheon is next week. We only found out because people were calling for more details or to say thanks for thinking of them.

Oh boy LOL … move buffet tables to the parking lot and hand everyone a plate as they arrive :smiley:

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Ohhh what a glorious bring-a-dish that would be. 2000 crocks of steaming molten mac & cheese, svedish meetballs and little wieners in jelly.


Don’t forget the Jell-O mold … someone always brings a Jell-O mold :smiley:


Whoops! Maybe everyone that received a mistaken invitation could be entered into a drawing for a couple prizes. Along with a friendly explanation that might soften the blow of receiving a “You’re Uninvited” email.

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If you don’t mind sharing, I’d be sort of interested in how they finally decided to limit the damage from an embarrassing situation like this one. Geech!

I will. I worked from home today so I didn’t get to find out. I’m sure I’ll hear more about it tomorrow.

It’s a catered event!

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LOL … well that would be a problem :wink:

and yes … please keep us posted on how they handled this. Oy … what a mess.

It will be an email humbly apologizing and uninviting them. We close at 12:30 on Fridays so I guess I’ll find out how well received the email is on Monday. Fingers crossed.

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Today was the luncheon. Everyone did not read the humble apology email. They cut the serving sizes by the time I got to the food and I had to wait on plates to be washed. But, I always get there late so I don’t have to wait in the long line. I don’t think anyone noticed outside of those of us who knew. I think everyone else just thought we had a heck of a turnout.

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