Bilingual Letterform, Lettermark Logo?

Hey everyone,
I live in Canada, so many companies are registered in English and French,
and I’m honestly not sure how to divide a logo project up…

If a letterform logo is a logo with one letter…which do I choose? lol
Also if I do a letter mark logo…do I save them as separate files, or combine them together,

Like this forum is called Graphic Design Forums and the logo is GDF… and G in the favicon
but in french it would be like Forum de Graphic (FDG…and in canada a business might be called
Graphic Design Forums Forum De Graphic…Would I abbreviate it to GDF-FDG as a lettermark?
Or make one GDF and one FDG…and one GDF-FDG?


There are a lot of references when you type in “English-French bilingual logos” in Google.

The answer that comes first to me is, if something isn’t working, try something totally different.

That said, the one Canadian print company I deal with has a letterform mark and it is the French version. Cuz that is where they live. And they are proud of it. They don’t have an English version even though quite a lot of their work comes from the US.

I can’t answer the French portion of this as I know nothing about French and the worse thing I could do is guess for you lol. However, when working on files in Illustrator, which I assume you are using…could be wrong, you can save multiple artboards that you are using all at once. You would go to file > export > save for screens OR Alt+CTRL+E. If you need your favicon as an svg vs your logo to be a png, for example, then I believe you’d have to save one at a time. I save everything together so I can keep track of my logos easily.

If the logo needs to represent a company that uses a different spelling depending on the language, why would you even consider using a letter for the logo if the letter differs from one language to the next?

This is the single biggest problem with word marks — they just can’t be depended upon to work in other languages.

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I looked into the technicality of it,
If anyone is interested…there is the official name as in “registration name”
and “French Equivalent” name which is just for show, legibility, and political inclusion reasons.

If a company compounds the two languages together,
then I guess If you had a single letter logo you would use the first letter of the
registration name? but I guess you could make an equivalent if you wanted to.

There are no clear rules. so I will have to give it a slot just in case…

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