Billable vs Non billable hours

What would you say is the average ratio of Billable vs non billable hours in a 40 hour work week?
Is it 50/50? 60/40 in favor of billable?

I’ve tracked this in my work and it’s around 25%. It was much higher when I started out because I was spending a lot of effort on client acquisition.

I’m not optimistic about the effect the pandemic is going to have on business. I’m figuring 75% of my labor will be un-billable for awhile. In the aftermath of the 2008 housing crash I lost about half of my contacts due to layoffs and cancelled projects. It took a lot of work to build that back up again, none of it billable.

As Mojo mentioned, it may depend on your current clients. If they’ve been existing clients, or if you have mostly retainer-type work, then your billable hours will be higher compared to someone attempting to acquire new clients.

Is that 25% nonbillable?

Yes. So on average, if I work a 40 hour week, about 30 hours of that are billable. For me, non-billable hours are used for accounting, invoicing, banking, taxes, quotes, computer maintenance, research, continuing education, self-marketing, client recruitment…


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