Black Lions

My son and his business partner are relocating their pizza pub which is named after their army group nickname, Black Lions. I have been tasked with kids’ activity and coloring sheets. I used Inkscape to create their likenesses and a kids version of the Coat of Arms.

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Hey KK!!! Good to see you! They look great. Love the camo detail.

Looks like something kids will enjoy :crayon:, if this were me, I’d probably trace some photos (because I’m lazy).

Thank You! A request was made and so here are the Black Lion Kids.


Great illustrations. Well done. And I found the loose thread on both the kids. :slight_smile:

The top one – the kid’s right hand. Uh-oh …

Plus, I couldn’t find the loose thread.

Love finding the stray threads :smiley:

Never mind. Found it.