Somebody who knows blender?

Yes. I heard Cuisinart is very good.

Just because this is a graphic design forum does not mean designers are removed from real life. Your post does not seem to belong to any specific category, so make your query a little less generic, so we can all be on the same page. That’ll be nice.

Oh, welcome to the forum.



Someone here may know Blender. Do you have a specific question?

I know of it. I don’t know anything about it.

I’ve tried to learn it 3 or 4 times now. Thinking of trying again. If anyone knows of a very basic (and I mean BASIC) online course, I’m all ears. Pushing buttons to see what they do isn’t gonna work for this one. LOL!

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We have a Vitamix blender. They are expensive, but they are built like a rock and perform incredibly well.


There’s a lot of good tutorials on YouTube on how to use your blender. I like this series:

:point_up: :nerd_face: See? Pushing buttons does work just fine!

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Yeah, you know, I was actually being serious.
Maybe the OP will come back with a real question, maybe not. Now.

Besides, I don’t own a blender. Hate having to clean it out after use. Find me one self-cleaning and I might think about it. Kinda like the food processor. I gotta really want whatever I make in it cuz it takes the whole top dishwasher rack to clean the parts afterwards. Which is why I have a dishwasher. If I had to hand wash it, it wouldn’t be worth the few times a year I use it and it takes up waaaay too much shelf space.

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I’ve wanted to learn a few times. I got overwhelmed each time lol :wink:

I have watched this guy a bit and one day, I swear I’m going to make a donut :wink:

I’ve seen that one. Somehow it always reminds me of Keyare’s DPI post that went something like this:

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