Blue/orange halo effect question

How can I correct the blue/orange halo effect, resembling chromatic aberration, in my photographs like the one discussed in this conversation?


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Photoshop has a setting to adjust this under Lens correction

Duplicate the layer
To duplicate the background layer, right-click on it and choose “Duplicate Layer.”

Convert to Smart Object (optional):
Right-click on the layer that has been duplicated and select “Convert to Smart Object.” (for non destructive editing which is my preferred method).

Go to Filter>Lens Correction

Navigate to the Custom tab in the Lens Correction box.
The Fix Red/Cyan Fringe and Fix Blue/Yellow Fringe can be adjusted using the sliders found in the Chromatic Aberration section. Sliders should be moved to reduce the orange and blue fringes.

Finally, adjust the Hue/Saturation
Remove any remaining fringes, Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation

Choose the fringe colour, which is typically red or blue, and lessen the saturation


Thank you for the detailed instructions on correcting chromatic aberration in Photoshop. Your step-by-step guide on duplicating layers, using lens correction, and adjusting hue/saturation was incredibly helpful. I appreciate your thorough and clear explanation!

No prob - thanks

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