Book Girl

Hello Friends! It’s been awhile since I came to visit! I retired at the end of the last school year! I was busy trying to clean out my classroom and move after 42 years of Kinders. My husband is not too thrilled with all the stacks in garage. Then my first summer break with no plans found me at our lake cabin where I learned how to Do Nothing—which extended in the fall months. Now that I am inside and on the couch I am ready to doodle again. BUT! I recently cleaned up and reorganized my little HP chromebook and now I can’t find my “vector” versions of my images anywhere!! Fortunately, I do have my PNG images, but without the originals, I can’t change anything. Oh well, at least I have something for references and can remake–so here is an update of one of my Kinders!


She’s adorable!

… and I found the little string :wink:

Oh and Welcome Back and Happy Retirement! :heart:

Thank You!

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Oh you’re going to have lots of fun redoing all those illustrations :slight_smile:

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