Book of concept art for my essay

Hello, I’m new to this forum, joined because I’ve been stuck for weeks
So I currently work on my essay now about creating a concept art, but I have one major problem right now. I need to find a book, that is inside the book, the writer or someone is actually stated “What a concept are is…”
That’s just it, and I’ve been looking for lots of concept art book, but nobody write what a concept art is, most of the book just goes straight to the how to find idea, the method, etc.
And it’s just made me crazy, I only need the one sentence, “Concept art is…bla bla bla” T.T
My lecturer would only give his permission for me to do my essay if I could find a book above.

Anyone here know what book or where I could find it? Somebody help me T.T
Thank you in advance, and really sorry for my bad english

That seems an odd requirement. There aren’t a lot of actual books out there specifically on concept art. Certainly not general-knowledge type books. If you are looking into these, you should already have some idea what it is and how to go about creating it. Most are inspirational only.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but maybe this book would have those words in that order in it’s intro section. Just…good luck laying hands on a copy of it. Seems it’s a “collectible.”
The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

How about this?

From this book.

It doesn’t define concept art but it does provide a description of what a concept artist does, which is, essentially, a different route to describing the same thing.