Booklet printing issues


I’m attempting to print an A5 booklet PDF using Adobe Acrobat. The original document was created in InDesign. When printing, none of the pages are in the correct order. No matter what I do, there doesn’t seem to be any way to correct this. I’ve even used different PDF viewers with the same issue. Usually, I would send the document to a professional printer, but the charity cannot afford that. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

This is the document in question - Publish Online


Is this your brochure? Did you upload it to the Adobe site?

Assuming that’s the case, are you trying to print it directly from the Adobe site, or do you have the PDF on your computer?

To test it, it would be helpful to have the actual PDF, but the PDF isn’t downloadable because you didn’t check the box that would make it downloadable when you uploaded it.

Looks like you have uploaded the pages as spreads.

Export your document to single pages, not spreads in the PDF
Then use the print booklet feature.


Thanks for the response. It’s a PDF on my computer saved a single pages. Ive also tried printing from other machines with the same issue. Ive made it downloadable

The format I’m trying to print off is a pdf with single pages. The remaining issue exists. Thank you for the suggestion

It’s 42 pages it needs to be 44 multiples of 4

40 or 44

42 page booklet?
Are you trying to impose the pages for binding of some kind?

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How do you want to bind the pages?
This determines the order in which the pages have to be printed.
Perfect binding/adhesive binding can deal with single pages in order of the page numbers.
If you want to staple them in the middle you need to follow @Smurf2’s advice.

This seems so obvious that I’m hesitant to mention it, but if you’re planning to print out spreads and fold them into a book using the booklet option in Acrobat, the pages will be imposed for a booklet. In other words, they will appear out of order until you stack the printed sheets in the right order and fold them.

You said you’re not sending this to a professional printer. Are you having a corner copy shop do it for you or printing the booklet on an office desktop printer? If you’re doing this yourself, how do you plan to fold, trim, and staple it?

As others have said, you can’t have a 42-page folded and stapled booklet. Again, this seems like common sense (4 pages on each sheet of paper), but many people miss it until it’s pointed out.

Another oddity is that you’ve numbered the cover as page 1 and the inside cover as page 2. Page 1 typically begins on the third page — at least here in the U.S., but that’s unrelated to the imposition problem I mentioned.

If you already know all these things and really are getting out-of-order pages that have no relationship to imposition, I’m sort of stumped. I’d need to see what boxes you’re checking and what options you’re selecting to say for sure.


Not in German speaking countries and I guess also not in the EU.
Here the cover can be page 1.

That’s interesting. I have a few European publications where the page numbering begins in different places than in the US, so I assumed that might be the case. Thanks for confirming it. Since the original poster mentioned an A5 size, (which isn’t used here), I thought I should mention the page numbering might be a US thing. I’m unsure about Canada.

Here, saddle-stitched and stapled publications almost always begin on the third page since the covers are regarded as covers and not part of the booklet’s main content. Books are a little different. Any introductory pages, such as tables of contents or prefaces, are typically numbered with Roman numerals, with the page numbering starting again using regular Arabic numerals on the first right-hand page of the main part of the book.