Brainstorm - logo

I have a client whos taking old furniture and giving it a fresh new paint. the name of the business is “Brushed and Reloved” im struggling to come up with visuals. any ideas?

I work with cash. Up front. Used and small denominators.

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Blorkh. Good luck with that.

I would use 3 fonts, thick brush style for ‘Brushed’, medium sans for ‘and’, curly handwritten for ‘Loved’ and possibly 3 colours. All centred in close leading with ‘and’ sitting on top in the middle. Difficult to make it tasteful so go the other way lol.

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These are heart shaped chairs… maybe somewhere to start…?

thanks you definitely put me in the right direction

I would love to see what you come up with…
For me when I start a logo project, I head to google and search any words/letters/symbols that relate to the company name with images only. Not only does this help with brainstorming, but it also helps me rule out commonly used logos pushing me to develop something more unique.

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