Brainstorming HELP!.. Thanks in Advance

I need some more ideas for naming a property portfolio for 4 apartment properties in 4 different states. Here are the ones I have so far. Thanks in ADVANCE!!! The states are NC(1) , TX(2), and NV (1)

East to West Portfolio
Four Corners Portfolio
Core Four Portfolio (rhyming)
Connect Four Portfolio
Four Horsemen Portfolio

If you’re asking for feedback on your existing names, that’s one thing. It seems like you are asking this community to do copy writing / naming work for you – which is work that should be billed for. So I’d say this is more billable work than brainstorming. I’d suggest you move this to the classified section and state how much you have in your budget for copy writing.


You could be on to something, but it’s hard to say without knowing who the audience is that you’re targeting.

I’d scratch Connect Four because it’s the name of a popular children’s game. Four Horsemen is a concept from christian eschatology. When the four horsemen appear, the apocalypse is about to happen. So I’d scratch that too. Four Corners is confusing too since that’s the name of a geographical area in the southwest US, and it’s not in the vicinity of the properties.

Thanks for the insights guys. This is a toughie that is kinda limited

What are you going to do if you add a fifth property? Or sell one of the four?

Why is it limited? Because you’re limiting it to the geography and the number. Are those the only possible messages?

Yeah. I’m sure the original poster has reasons, but I see no obvious reason why a portfolio of four geographically unrelated properties needs a name since it seems unlikely to mean much of anything to anyone other than the owner.

Assuming there is a reason, though, once again, I see no reason to confine the name to clever references to the number four. And as CRHain88 mentioned, what if another property is purchased or one is sold?

I like the concept of four corners, why because when you think of it in terms of real estate you would think there is multiple locations . Which would intrigue audiences to see your portfolio.

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