Brand Book

Hello All. Hope all is well.

I have a few queries.

  1. Is it called a Brand Book/Brand Bible/Brand Guideline?
  2. For the Brand Book, is there a way to calculate the space on what is the largest or smallest size to use the logo at. How shall I do it?
  3. Usually what goes into a Brand book?
  4. Any visual examples that I shall follow?

Thank you

  1. Call it whatever you like - Brand book/guide/rules etc.
  2. Just whatever is acceptable in print/web - have it printed at different sizes and pick minimum. Most take a letter from the font, or the size of the emblem, and use that as a measurement - so 2x"M"'s distance around all sides for example.
  3. All the information about the brand. Fonts/Colours/Right or Wrong use/etc. again - up to you. Few examples here
  4. See above :wink:
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Thank you for the link.
Makes sense about the printing. Thanks.

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