Brand Identity Design

I’d like to leave a link promoting my latest visual identity project here:

If anyone can check it out there, I would be grateful!
Thank you

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It’s pretty cool - nice work, I love the mock-ups.

Maybe it’s me, but there’s something about the branding that feels a bit off, that I wouldn’t associate it with food.

I get that the red and black are quite aggressive as a combination, however I suspect it’s the use of the white feels a bit funny to me.

In this advert for example:

The white feels very sterile and without knowing what the copy says (I get that it’s a different language), it feels like it could be an advert warning of the adverse health risks associated with eating greasy food.

Eating food with black rubber gloves is definitely a BIG turnoff.

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I really like the pizza boxes. Black is an unusual color to use for food, but I think the red and black work well in this instance. In general, I’m a fan of good Brazilian design — I like how aggressive and colorful it is.

However, I’m with PrintDriver on the black disposable mechanics’ gloves looking inappropriate. They might be functional for keeping grease from that burger off one’s fingers, but as mentioned, sort of a turn-off. I’m puzzled as to why you chose to use them. Was it just a matter of staying consistent with the black branding?

That’s a huge trend on Youtube with those gloves in eating videos … mukbang or something like that. I’ve seen it spelled a few different ways. I don’t watch them as they annoy me, but since I watch other types of food videos, they are always lurking in my feed thanks to the algorithm. The black gloves shoving copious amounts of food in their mouths is only part of what is a turn off. I’ll just leave it at that. :woozy_face::grin:

I needed to look into that and found, yuck — people cramming food into their mouths while talking, chewing, slurping, burping, and drooling, among other things. I have no idea why anyone would have even the slightest interest in watching this stuff. Weird!

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That pretty much covers my take on it as well … I just don’t get it

Screenshot 2023-06-30 8.38.18 AM

I watch quite a bit of cooking content on YouTube, but I have not heard of mukbang before. Had to look it up. Why does that exist?

… 'cause people be cray-cray :wink:

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