Brand Identity Through Packaging Design

I’m working on a project, and I’m facing a challenge when it comes to creating packaging designs that truly capture and communicate a brand’s identity. Packaging is often the first point of contact with the customer, and it should instantly evoke the essence and values of the brand. I’m looking for insights and strategies on how to make packaging designs that not only look visually appealing but also tell a compelling story about the brand they represent. What design elements, color schemes, materials, or techniques have you found to be most effective in achieving this? Any case studies or examples would be greatly appreciated.

What brand is the project for and can you use the brands existing elements or add to the brand’s packaging to make it cohesive. The brand would determine the color and secondary colors (depending on the brand and it’s audience).

As for materials, that could be made to reflect the brand’s voice. If it’s a Green Business, I’d focus more on recyclable packaging and reusable containers rather than plastic containers.

Thanks for your response!
We are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint and have recently shifted to using eco-friendly materials for our custom pizza boxes. Could you please share the best practices for sourcing materials, designing, and producing such boxes to minimize their impact on the environment?

In the case of a pizza business, the first point of contact is usually a website or the logo above the front door, not the box the food comes in. While the box can include the store’s branding, to me, it’s a throw-away item, not something to angst over, at least in my opinion. And pizza boxes are already pretty basic cardboard with (hopefully) some type of vegetable ink on them. That’s already eco-friendly and compostable in a home garden heap (that’s what I did until the town started taking them.)

You might do better to check into local and surrounding-town ordinances on whether or not the recycling authorities will even allow pizza boxes in the bin. Our town wouldn’t take them until only recently. They were considered too contaminated with food residue (grease and cheese) for reclaimers to want. Mitigate that part first.

Thank goodness, I found a company in Los Angeles called ‘Spam, Spam, Eggs and Spam’ that helped me resolve my pizza box design issue. I am incredibly grateful to the design team at Custom Packaging Los Angeles.

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I looked up the company he mentioned. The address points to a vacant building that a little research told me was recently purchased by FOX since it’s next to their studios. I found a real estate site that listed the building as a former location of a tavern.

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When crafting packaging designs to convey a brand’s identity effectively, consider integrating design elements that align with the brand’s values and story. Incorporating the brand’s color palette, typography, and logo can help establish visual consistency and brand recognition. Utilizing high-quality materials and finishes can enhance the perceived value of the product and reflect the brand’s commitment to quality. Additionally, incorporating storytelling elements such as imagery, icons, or copy that communicate the brand’s narrative can create a memorable and engaging experience for the customer. Case studies and examples showcasing successful packaging designs that resonate with the target audience can provide valuable inspiration and insights for your project.

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There is something horribly ironic in selecting a spam post in which to post your soon-to-be-spam chatbot text.


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I distrust any statement that utilizes such words as “crafting”, “utilizing”, and “curating”.

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“leveraging” is high on my list too.

Another one I hate is the statement, “Whether you … or…”
for example, “Whether you need fifty high-end graphics or a simple lawn sign…”
It’s so ubiquitous, once you notice it, you’ll hate it.
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I don’t mean to hijack the thread (well, actually I do), but I think the greatest BS’s I’ve heard are

  1. “Your call is important to us”
  2. “In order to serve you better …”
  3. “Your cheque is in the mail”
  4. “Real fresh fruit flavour”
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