Brand name for a jam

Hi everyone,
I wanted your opinion on a brand name…
The brand name is “jars” and its an alcoholics jam brand.
What do u think about it ?

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It’s like naming a peanut butter “Jif”, or an operation system “Windows”.

People buy them. Does it matter what I think of them?

The name makes no sense to me. But then, again, I’m not an alcoholic.

I am though. I’d be drinking single malt whisky. Drinking Bowmore is just a happy coincidence.

What is “alcoholics jam brand.” Is it jam that contains alcohol that comes in a jar?

I’m puzzled why anyone would want alcohol in their jam, but that’s not what you’re asking about. How about if you tell us your reasoning behind naming this product." The name seems awfully arbitrary to me, but perhaps I’m missing something.

Normally alcohol will be added to the corn flake. Every time you take a spoonful, you’ll say, “Cheers”.

I can look at a brand name this way: Either it means something, or it means nothing at all.

I once had a marmalade which had hint of whisky flavour. Despite my initial misgivings, it turned out to be really nice.

I’m curious about that myself.

I had Bacon Jam once. That’s about as wild as I get


Wine jelly isn’t bad (had to do something with that really weird concord grape wine I made, LOL.) Kinda boring. Shoulda just used the grapes to make the jelly. Soft Ball candy is all that is.

Doesn’t all jam come in a jar?

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I’ve had maple syrup that had a little hit of a bourbon flavor, it was quite delicious. Then again, I like syrup … and bourbon. FWIW, the syrup was non-alcoholic.

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My wife picked up a jar of bacon jam. I like bacon, and I like jam, but there was something about the bacon flavor and the jam consistency that was a bit off-putting to me.

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This reminds me of the old Neil Diamond song about porcupine pie, vanilla soup, tutti fruity blue cheese, and chicken ripple ice cream.

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Make Mine a Double YUK!

I like it; would be cool if you add a “jarring” kind of effect to the logo design…

Maybe it has all of the required ingredients to relieve hangovers. I do find that I eat a lot of toast after a night of heavy drinking


My “Never more” lasts about six hours.

Howdy @Obsidian :wave: :grin:
Good to see you!

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