Brand Stationery Design portfolio for Opinions & constructive criticism

I’m deep into brand stationery design and also worked for Tech Reshape brand stationery design. So here’s a brand stationery design for review.

Opinions & constructive criticism & feedback appreciated.

I love creating a custom design for the brand, people, so (removed by Mod)
Thank You

avoid using color around envelope borders, the postmasters need every inch or top borders.
other than that it looks very pleasing!

Advertising isn’t allowed here.
Besides, most of the designers here would consider this part and parcel to a brand campaign and are unlikely to outsource just a small piece of that work.

Like EB said, be aware of Postermaster regulations on envelopes. I’m guessing you aren’t in the US. You put the logo where the stamp goes.

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Thank you for suggestion.

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