Branding Brief Template

I noticed that the many young designers suffer because they don’t get proper creative briefs from their clients. This post is an attempt to collect all the questions designers should ask from their clients before they start on a logo and corporate identity design job.

Some of these questions are required to complete the job successfully, and many others are optional, but help the designer to find a good idea to work with. The designer should encourage the clients to answer as many questions as possible.

Company & Products

  • Who are the founders of the company?
  • Location of the company?
  • What is the core benefit / how it makes the customer lives better?
  • How is it different from competition?
  • Are there any interesting facts about the company or product?
  • How long has the company been established?
  • Can the business be described in a short sentence?
  • If this business was a person you just met, how would you describe them? (Top 10 adjectives)
  • What was the motivation to start the business?
  • If the company had to be described in a single word, what would it be?
  • How big is the company (employees, locations)?
  • What are the strength of the company?
  • What are the weaknesses of the company?
  • What are the company’s long term goals?
  • What are the competing brands?


  • Relevant demographics (Age, Gender, etc.)?
  • Income source and levels?
  • How we talk to them (style/tone of voice)?
  • Where we can find them (Live, Work, Entertain, etc.)?
  • What need does the audience have?


  • What is the brand name (company or product name)?
  • What are the top (3) benefits of the brand?
  • What does the brand do for the customer?
  • Is the brand traditional or modern?
  • Is the brand friendly or corporate?
  • Is the brand high-end or cost effective?
  • Is the brand targeted towards consumers or the trade?


  • Is there a brand or company logo currently? (Provide link)
  • What is liked about the current logo(s)?
  • What is disliked about the current logo(s)?
  • What attributes (3) should the audience feel what they look at the new logo?
  • Are there any restrictions for the new identity, such as colors, fonts, etc.?
  • Are there any preferences for colors or other design elements?
  • Are there any elements from the current branding that needs to be preserved?
  • What logos of other companies are liked and relevant to this branding exercise?
  • Where will the new identity be used primarily?
  • List all the applications of the identity (ex. website, stationery, signage, uniforms, app, etc.)

Please let me know if I missed anything or if you suggest any correction!


Love the content that I just read. I definantely will use this for the launch of our new brand.

Graaaacias! :slight_smile:

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This big help for the junior designer to known more about them clients!
Also other more questions.
Would you face to face interview for the client and write it down by u self or ask client to write by them self?
Thanks for your time and share.

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Pan, you are posting from the same IP address that QianWen1104 and teasik posted from within the last two hours. Are you the same person? Forum members are not allowed to have more than one account.

I frequent another, totally unrelated forum and we’ve been getting killed with spam from Taiwan the last few days…

Hi Just-B,

Thanks for your reply, I applied acc from school, our one of subjects was join the graphic designer group. I found this web and to share with my other classmates. I think that’s why we got seam IP🤔?
Im sorry about that if any inappropriate。

Thank you Pan. We get lots of spam here, and three separate posts from the same IP address looked awfully suspicious. If they’re all coming from the same school, though, that explains it and is fine. :smiley:

Always wise to ask great questions. Thanks a lot for your take on this, I’ll most likely be visiting this post many times in the future.

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or you just ask directly what he wants?

joking… but some clients already have in mind what they want, but they don’t put it in the brief.
asking directly sometimes can save you a lot of time

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This is great advice thanks!

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You have explained very well about branding brief template but some other factors are also considered important, including:

  • A very short brand statement
  • Company’s Vision
  • Company’s Strength
  • BOD Team
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I was having a serious concern related to branding brief as planning soon to initiate with an online web platform. Want to give a try on my skills, getting freelance projects as well, but a prominent platform is necessary for me. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Keep contributing to such topics.
Wish me luck!

Very informative and interesting !! Will definitely be using these for our new brand launch.

This is a very detailed, interesting and informative post. This is going to help me in the upcoming projects. And I’m going to read this post again and again.

thank you for sharing such a helpful tips. Very good explanation I have ever seen. I am really grateful to be able benefit from your knowledge.

nice Idea

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