Branding Old Town, De Waterkant

OLD CAPE QUARTER, a residential real estate development, is situated in the heart of trendy De Waterkant (Cape Town), a unique European influenced area known for its quaint, historic and colourful semi-detached cottages, cobbled streets, sidewalk cafés, bars & restaurants. IDESIGNBRANDS and THINKLAB were commissioned to create an identity, marketing campaign and architectural renders to attract local and foreign investors to one of the most vibrant and sought after areas of historic Cape Town.


Super nice work; thanks for sharing.

Although this is not the critique section- on the icon, the lower right corner of the inner square where it meets the offshoot is weird looking to me. I think it’s because the top of the shape is higher up than the thickness of the square’s stroke, so it looks off (to me).

Other than that, it has a sort of trendy, “upscale-millennial-hipstery-real-estate-development” vibe that I see all over gentrified areas these days in walk-able/livable/workable communities. I live in one. I think it’s nice, but I wonder how we’ll feel about it in 10 years or so.

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Thanks for sharing!

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