Bringing artwork into Photoshop from Illustrator

Why do colors change so drastically when I bring artwork in from Illustrator?
both are in the RGB color space—why is the color of the artwork changing so much?

Illustrator-artwork (top)
Photoshop-artwork (bottom)


Are you certain your color settings are synchronized? You may be using a different RGB in photoshop than illustrator.

Also depends on what you mean by “bring in”. There are numerous ways to do that, and they don’t all render color and blend modes the same.

both Color Settings and Mode are set to the same—is there something else I need to check/change?

also, I get the same result no matter how I bring the artwork into Photoshop.

You can / should use Bridge to synchronize, unless you have a good reason not to.

There’s a little circle target/icon (colored, in illustator; gray, in photoshop) that shows whether you’re sync’d

Can you describe how you’re opening this file in photoshop? is it a *.pdf, *.ai, something else?

I’ve tried bringing it in in every way possible—as an AI file, Smart Object, png, etc. and I get the same result each time.

and I don’t think my company has synchronized color settings because we use 2 different color settings depending on whether it’s a print or digital project.

That seems very strange. A print project these days, especially if bound for digital print technologies could encompass a very wide variety of color spaces in a single output PDF.

A purely digital project would be RGB for obvious reasons, but I suppose I could see using two different settings if your digital projects are all sRGB but you want some other RGB for print projects.

regardless, there’s something weird going on if your color settings are actually the same. It looks for all the world to me like you’re going from an RGB space w/ blend modes to CMYK.

just testing a few things on my system

orig Ai art test, RGB

open PNG24 in photoshop, assign sRGB at open as file had no color profile

open PDF (illustrator default settings) in Ps, as RGB

copy-paste from Ai to Ps, smart object

copy-paste from Ai to Ps, p[ixels

Are you copy and pasting or saving out to a raster format?

If copy and paste you need to use the transparency flatener in illustrator first.

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this fixed the issue, thank you!

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thank you for your help too, I appreciate it.

You’re welcome